German duo LLUCID & MADANII have just released their brand new EP, IILLEGAL ALLIIEN, and with it they've brought the video for lead single, "Wvterwine", directed by Marius Müller, which puts MADANII front and centre in an all-female last supper.

An immediately likeable blend of slick pop and '90s R&B, "Wvterwine" sees the pair gracefully blend traditional instruments from Madanii's Iranian heritage like ney, santur and Kamanche with futuristic electronics. All of that comes together for a sleek and timeless sound that's heaven-sent for the post-club afterglow.

Speaking with Complex via email, MADANII told us: "'Wvterwine' talks about people's tendency to just accept or wish for quick and easy answers — ending up not really thinking for themselves anymore."

LLUCID added: "We often find ourselves questioning our own patterns of behavior, so it's no coincidence these topics find their way into our music, but also define how we approach music in general, always trying to question how we do things."