Lewisham, South East London, has become one of the largest stomping grounds for rap and grime talent in recent times. Everyone from Rapman and Fekky to P Money and Novelist have left their mark on the game, while the likes of Deema and Kish! are hoping to do the same. 

Making his name in the second grime wave of the mid-2010s, Deema came through the ranks as a fairly low-key member of then-teenage crew The Square. Now rolling solo, he's swapped the kiddy rhymes for more thought-provoking ones, slowed down the pace of his flow, but has kept his beat selection in the experimental. 

Following last December's "Maddie" with fellow rising rapper Kish!, the two join forces again for new drop "Blame", a near three-minute display of tight flows, fly-boy boasts and dizzying sonics. "'Blame' is the second half of me and Kish!'s two-track single," Deema told Complex over email. "It's nothing like the first half, but just as good, and on it we raise the question: does she have a man, or a boy?"

Peep the Jack Layfield-directed visuals above as Deema and Kish! take us on a tour of their LDN.