Having taken a four-year hiatus from music, Black Square has returned with his electrifying new single, "Coral Blues", featuring Laville. Following up from his 2016-released debut album, Silent City, the Brighton-based composer and producer is set to release his sophomore album, Beggars Opera, this Spring, with the first single being "Coral Blues", which features the soulful vocals of rising singer Laville and is driven by pulsating drums and jazz-leaning instrumentation.

"It's been amazing to work with Laville on this track," Black Square told Complex via email. "His soulful vocals made it much more than the original beat; he gave it a really human and emotional touch. All of the singers on the new album brought their own style and personality, which pushed the music in different directions and gave it more breadth and hopefully made it more interesting for the listener."

In the accompanying visuals, the idea of time is played with. "Working with a track like 'Coral Blues' is always the dream," says director Luke Tierney. "It makes directing a lot of fun! I wanted to play with time and the idea of 'what if', really creating something that had never been done before and is hopefully totally unexpected for the music. Black Square was super supportive throughout and, much like the track, a lot of fun to work with."

Watch the video for "Coral Blues" exclusively above.