In the wake of Pop Smoke's death, Los Angeles native Blueface decided to offer some advice to artists coming to stay in the City of Angels. 

On his Instagram Story, Blueface urged artists to tap in with people that they know from Los Angeles to ensure that they are properly protected.

"People think Cali/LA is beautiful sunny palm trees," Blueface wrote. "nyggas die here every single day I recommend artists coming this way get in touch with the right natives just to keep you up on speed soon as you relax an think it's cool this way that's when they strike."

Los Angeles has a storied gang culture that has seeped its way across the country. One of the calling cards of Los Angeles' street culture is the "check-in" process. Often times artists, entertainers, or anyone looking to make money in the city are asked to alert someone they know in LA with street ties that they are coming for a visit. Over the years, "checking in" has become synonymous with gang-related extortion. This has led people to have a negative view of the concept.

What Blueface described in his post could be considered checking in. Yet, Blueface went on to say that the majority of people aren't interested in manipulating artists for their money. He believes that letting someone show you how to move in LA isn't checking in, it's taking the necessary steps to protect your life.

"A young immature dumb nygga might take what I said as 'checking in' and if you do tappin wit a nygga that shows any sign of power or misconception cuz you hit him when you in the land then that is the WRONG native," Blueface wrote. 

Blueface also shared "RIP" posts to Pop Smoke, who was from Brooklyn, New York.