6ix9ine previously hired bodyguards from the Shadow Group, but it sounds as though the company will not be working with him again. In an Instagram post that is no longer available, one bodyguard from the company implied as much alongside a photo showing them working with the controversial rapper.

"We did our job at an elite level and for the record @the_shadow_group will not be working with this client again," wrote @shadowgroupbiggs in the since-deleted post. While it's unclear why he deleted the post, Biggs is the director of operations for the company.

Prior to his sentencing, 6ix9ine expressed interest in continuing his music career once he's released from prison. However, when Complex spoke to several security companies about the prospect, they all pretty much confirmed 24/7 surveillance would be a must to ensure his safety. 

Shadow Group Security CEO Shamir Bolivar, who previously worked as a bodyguard for 6ix9ine, said he would need "around-the-clock, live-in security or a rotation of shifts of agents." He added that 6ix9ine would need to be wary of gang members hoping to hurt him as part of "retribution" for cooperating with the feds. Nationwide Security Service CEO Allen Hollimon estimated that one year of security for 6ix9ine would cost him $1.09 million, but other security agencies could cost even more.

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