Earlier this week, we spotlighted 10 of the brightest talents currently bubbling up in Nigeria and one of those very artists, Joeboy, is already back with a new visual for "All For You", a track first heard on his hugely popular Love & Light EP from November.

Having come up via Mr Eazi's emPawa platform, Joeboy has wasted no time in capitalising on that boost. A seductive Afro-bubbler with a gentle bump to guide it along, "All For You" is the perfect slow-burner to keep you warm in the winter chill. With it comes a video in which emotions are running just as high, showing us a love triangle between Joeboy, a girl and her boyfriend until our protagonist wins out in dramatic fashion, leaving with the girl of his dreams.

Speaking with Complex via email, Joeboy told us: 

"The song 'All For You' is basically about a girl in a relationship who isn't being treated right, and the girl ends up falling in love with someone else who actually treats her right while she's still in the other relationship and therefore she wants to break up with her boyfriend because of him. It's a twisted love story between a girl and two guys. One is her main/official man, the other is her guy on the side. But she seems to take a liking to her side and disconnects from her main because she feels a bit more deeply for her side man who is Joeboy. A turn of events sees Joeboy taking up the main space in her heart, beating up the boyfriend and leaving him in his dust! The music video captures scenes of the girl hanging out with the new guy and having fun, and the new guy showing how much he loves and adores her."

Between his silky-smooth vocals and heart-melting delivery, Joeboy seems to have everything he needs to reach the upper echelons of the global Afrobeats movement. Stay tuned.