DRAMA — the multi-faceted collaboration between producer Na'el Shehade and singer Via Rosa — are fast approaching the release of their debut album Dance Without Me, out February 14 via Ghostly International. Ahead of that, they've just lifted the lid on the album's lead single, "Years".

Ultimately, "Years" is a song about honesty. As the rousing track builds to an emotional apex, Rosa warns us about lying to ourselves about relationships, our dreams and who we are as people. Cutting the chord on a relationship can be a daunting prospect, especially if you're still conflicted, but sometimes it's the only viable solution. As she weaves her all-too-relatable tale, the Adam Chitayat-directed video places Rosa and Shehade in front of a colourful and dream-like background that's just out of focus, while disembodied hands reach desperately from off-screen. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Via Rosa told us: "This track is a bittersweet song about the conflict of wanting to let go but still hold onto someone you love, but you know they're not right for you. It's about knowing you should walk away but also wanting to confess your unconditional and eternal love."

Director Adam Chitayat adds: "Filmed practically, we set out to create a series of otherworldly, constantly transitioning spaces for DRAMA to perform through. Emotions can feel like they take us on a ride, floating us forward and bringing us towards things we need to tackle in our lives. The floating and the spaces seek to represent the themes of the song — speaking to your own heart, confronting your past and opening yourself back up to vulnerability."