Later this year, Brooklyn-based artist and producer Baile will release his fourth project since the 2015 release of his debut EP, Matter. That's still a couple of months down the line, but ahead of that he's just unveiled the EP's lead single, "Leave Me" with LA-based singer Kauf.

Built around a single, twinkling piano line, Baile ebbs and flows as he introduces elements like the glowering bass line and shuddering drums to hypnotising effect. Setting that down as the chassis, Kauf's feather-lite falsetto vocals float delicately over the top, leaving us with an smouldering, soulful jam that's perfect for the winter months.

Speaking with Complex via email, Baile explained: "'Leave Me' is a track that started with a sample I recorded of myself toying around on an abandoned upright piano near the entrance of my practice space. I built onto that using empty beer bottles for percussion and layering analog synths, acoustics guitar, live bass and Rhodes to fill out the instrumental."

"Leave Me" will be released January 31, with his EP to follow in March.

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