M Huncho is back with a new project for 2020 in Huncholini The 1st. The British "trap wave" rapper has developed his own distinct style throughout the years—ultimately taking him on an impressive trajectory—and Huncholini The 1st will only cement his status as one of the country's hottest rappers. 

Consisting of 13 tracks and clocking in at just over 40 minutes long, M Huncho has enlisted some of the UK's most sought-after rappers to feature on the project, including D-Block Europe on the bass-heavy "Indulge", Headie One on the slow-rolling "Head Huncho", and Nafe Smallz on current fan favourite "Thumb".

Kicking off the mixtape with "Growth", it opens with a speech speaking on Huncho's status ("The first of his name, the first of his kind, last of a dying breed. Some people build a foundation, he's here to build a legacy — the definition of what authentic is"), before transitioning into a smooth trap beat where Huncho soars through with skippy flows, setting the tone for what's next to come. 

And with production from Quincy TellEm, Mazza, Honeywood, AD, Pyroman and more, it's a set you won't want to put down.

Stream Huncholini The 1st in full below.

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