Much to fans' surprise, Drake has shared another new Future collab.

Early Friday, Drake directed fans to SoundCloud to stream "Desires," a song previously known in an unofficial capacity as "I Know" and teased by Future back  in August.

Stream the song below:

Five years after the release of their still-beloved 2015 joint album What a Time to Be Alive, Future and Drake opened a new collaborative chapter earlier this month with the release of the "Life Is Good" single. The track's official video currently still boasts an extremely high replay value, thanks in no small part to the work of director Julien Christian Lutz. With its No. 2 debut on the Billboard Hot 100, "Life Is Good" now stands as the highest-charting track in Future's catalog.

"I'll go like three weeks in between making songs, just because, like, I'm just kind of enjoying life," Drake said during a Rap Radar podcast interview at the end of last year when speaking on how his upcoming new music plans. "I'm enjoying living, going out with people. Investing in personal connections, and it's just making my music better."

Though no official date has been given, a What a Time to Be Alive sequel is expected at some point this year. With any luck, perhaps 2020 will also see the revival of Drake's solo cut "Summer Games," no doubt an indisputable classic in its own right.