Drake posted a lengthy message on his Instagram Stories Sunday, where he spoke on the intentions behind his latest single "War." 

"Just wanna say this for my city in regards to the song 'War.' My goal is to always uplift and show love to rappers that are buzzing and gaining the world's attention," Drake wrote. "My goal is to use our talks that we all use without having it feel like I am taking sides. My goal is to make anyone feel like with the right songs and the right team and the right amount of drive and focus they can push past the darkness and be able to provide for their people and create a legacy."

Drake went on to say he understands that "there are politics in every city that we can't deny or escape but I want to be clear on my intentions when I show recognition and support. He also wished his local counterparts well. "I pray you all emerge successful and can't wait to see what artists from Toronto pop off in 2020 and beyond."

While it's unclear what exactly Drake is addressing here, he continues to speak on something surrounding the song since its release less than three weeks ago. Shortly after the track came out, it was accompanied by a music video that initially featured 19-year-old Marcella Zoia, who became infamous for throwing a chair from the 45th floor of a Toronto condo building. She was facing charges of mischief endangering life, mischief involving damage to property and common nuisance. 

Zoia has been removed the original video with Drake stating on his Instagram Stories that he doesn't "choose extras for my videos by the way."