Cassidy's venture into the Ultimate Rap League has been anything but illustrious. This came to its head during his latest battle against Arsonal. 

Arsonal and Cassidy met Philadelphia to trade their bars. Arsonal is known for his disrespectful approach, but some people figured things would be tamer since they were meeting in Cass' hometown for the battle. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Arsonal started off the battle by yelling "suck my dick" to Cassidy before the coin flip was decided to see who would start first. As Cassidy attempted to deliver his lines, Arsonal blew smoke in his face. He also grabbed Cassidy when it was his turn to rap.

Yet, it wasn't just Arsonal's antics. Cassidy was severely undermanned throughout the whole battle. Unlike Arsonal, his lines weren't resonating with the crowd. In fact, the audience even started to boo Cassidy after he delivered a series of underwhelming bars. 

In Cassidy's defense, Philly is known for its harsh crowds no matter what type of competition they are watching. When Arsonal stumbled on a line coming out the gate, he too was briefly booed. Yet, Cassidy has had a lackluster run in the URL. While his bars sound good on tracks, they haven't stood up to perfected a cappella lines of battle rap. After another disappointing performance, fans are turned off from the idea of hearing Cassidy continue to go up against artists that are established in this arena.