This introduction is gonna be all off the dome! Ayo! Yo! Hold on, man, hold on. Alright, nevermind, freestyle battling isn't so easy. Not just anyone can pull off what B. Rabbit did, or what some of these guys continue to do. One has to sword fight using only words, bobbing and weaving, deflecting and épée-ing, digging up their past to bury them in the present.

Street thugs bandying about with wordplay to fight one another—rap battles are by far the most cerebral art form on Worldstar. Eric and Jeff Rosenthal of picked through the Internet's endless pile of hood DVDs to find the 25 Greatest Rap Battles on YouTube. Watch them at your 9 to 5 so you can get that work.

Written by Eric and Jeff Rosenthal (@ItsTheReal)

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