Suge Knight's son, Suge Jacob Knight, recently got himself involved in Nick Cannon and Eminem's beef. "This guy fucking sucks," he wrote when he shared a picture of Em. He went on to make fun of the Detroit rapper's fashion choices and lyrical content, teasing that he had a diss track on the way. Knight claimed the song would "end M&Ms career," but now he's revealed that the track will not be coming out.

"I have the diss track but it's so disrespectful that I'm not going to put it out," he wrote on Instagram. "I know the fans want it but sometimes us celebrities have to stay in control of the situation. It was fun tho."

Knight is getting roasted online for claiming he won't release the track. Some have accused him of lying about its existence, while others have simply clowned him for even inserting himself into the conversation to begin with.

It remains to be seen if the track did actually exist or not, but he did previously post a silent video of him listening to it with his AirPods prior to explaining he wasn't going to release it.

Knight has been the subject of ridicule on the internet before, especially when he claimed earlier this year that 2Pac is still alive. He later backtracked on his words, and indicated he was being told to keep quiet by the powers that be.

The beef between Cannon and Em, meanwhile, has been mostly one-sided. The two have been at each other's necks for over a decade, and their back-and-forth recently flared up again with the release of Fat Joe's "Lord Above." Cannon responded with two diss tracks, but Em has kept his comebacks to Twitter for the time being. 

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