UPDATED, Dec. 10, 12:19 p.m. ET: Joyner Lucas' words prompted Juice WRLD's close friend and collaborator, G Herbo, to respond.

In an Instagram comment captured by DJ Akademiks, Herbo explains that Juice WRLD was battling personal problems and wasn't trying to "fit in" by using drugs. 

"Niggas ain't tryna be cool shorty was on top of the fucking world you think he was trying to fit in???" Herbo wrote before explaining that he struggles with the same issues. "I got 50 dead homies... nigga been shot in the streets. 10 years of my life been addicted to Xanax lean x pills Percocet still smoke weed everyday all day til this day... This shit a daily process!! Juice WRLD made some of the best music in the world with his own style he ain't have to fucking fit in."

Joyner caught wind of this comment and decided to clarify his statement, claiming that he was speaking more about the state of rap music than Juice WRLD's personal life. 

"I do know that juice battles his own demons like everyone else... Nobody perfect not even me," Joyner explained. "I think what's frustrating to me is the fact there's an entire hip hop generation who has been influencing young kids for years to do drugs and lean... Juice never glorified it. He actually said he's not proud of it in his music. There's a difference... I'm blaming the niggaz who glorified it and made it easier for these young kids to use drugs as an outlet... Sorry for your loss. Long live juice world." 

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Juice WRLD's cause of death has yet to be determined, but Joyner Lucas has placed the blame on rappers who "glorified drugs and made it cool." Real name Jarad Anthony Higgins, Juice WRLD died on Sunday following a seizure at Chicago's Midway airport. Sources close to the situation claim that he took "several unknown pills" before the seizure.

"Juice WRLD was 21. He was a product of our generation of rappers who glorified drugs and made it cool," Lucas wrote on Twitter. "I'm blaming y'all n***az for this shit. All that lean and pills n***az glorify and talk about. You teaching the kids to do it. Smh you happy now? Rip @JuiceWorlddd. Gone too soon." 

"Obviously didn't know that much about him," someone responded to Lucas. "I never said Juice WRLD glorified them," the "I'm Not Racist" rapper replied to the fan. "I knew what Juice WRLD spoke about. Poor kid was depressed and went through a lot so he used drugs as a outlet. It's this generation of music that glorified drugs and made them cool so kids like him and other kids abuse them. It's a cycle dude. Smh." 

The cause of Juice WRLD's death is reportedly still unknown following his autopsy on Monday. The "Lucid Dreams" rapper was administered an anti-overdose medication by authorities after he "began convulsing [and] going into a seizure." He was rushed to the hospital and was pronounced dead shortly after he arrived.