Offset has gotten himself into some hot water with a popular jeweler in Los Angeles.

Peter Marco from Extraordinary Jewels Beverly Hills has sued the rapper for failing to pay his whole tab, TMZ reports. Marco wants to be compensated for the remainder of the bill, $47,000, for what he alleges are unpaid fees from an October 2018 purchase at his store.

The legal documents include a copy of an invoice that reportedly shows Offset bought some pieces for $110,000, but only paid $63,000 at the time, which left a balance of $47,000. Marco has claimed that his legal team sent Offset a letter in early December, requiring Offset to make the payment within seven days, but didn’t receive anything back. Now, the jeweler wants the balance, as well as interest and attorney fees.

The suit also lists Quality Control’s Coach K since the label reps Migos.

Peter Marco has become the jeweler to see in Beverly Hills. KultureHub reports he landed his first job in the business when he was 14 years old, as a store cleaner for a popular New York jeweler. He climbed his way up from there, and 40 years later, his store resides in L.A.'s the prestigious shopping area, Rodeo Drive.

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