A diehard DaBaby fan’s day was made when she randomly ran into the rapper at a gas station.

After meeting his fan, Alexandria Coleman, DaBaby gave her and her friends free tickets to a makeup show, which they’d originally weren’t going to make, TMZ reports. Coleman told the outlet she was supposed to see the rapper in D.C. last weekend, but due to his Saturday Night Live appearance, the show was bumped to Sunday night. Then it sold out before she could get tickets.

Coleman ran into DaBaby when she was driving from D.C. back to Albany, New York. DaBaby and his team saw how excited she was and captured it on camera. At first, he hides from the fan, but when they meet, he jumps into her arms.

Coleman told TMZ that his team promised to get them into the sold-out D.C. show—and the outlet was told that on the day of the show, she and her friends were snuck in through the back and given the best seats in the venue.

DaBaby has had a colossal year. Not only has he earned two Grammy nominations and two Billboard-charting albums, but he also made his debut appearance on SNL this past weekend, where he stole the show with his performance of “Bop” and “Suge.”

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