A very important bird is said to be getting in the way of Kanye West's construction of a reported "meditation structure" in Wyoming.

An Associated Press report that's making the rounds via a wide variety of headlines states that the "imperiled" Sage Grouse bird is slowing the process behind West's construction plans for his Wyoming ranch, which is located in the Cody area and is approximately 50 miles east of Yellowstone National Park property.

Following West's recent change to include residential space in the construction of the structure in question, local officials denied the project, with concerns now being raised about state regulations issued as part of an effort to protect the Sage Grouse.

The population of the Sage Grouse has seen a sharp decrease over the years, with areas deemed to be their favored habitat protected by restrictions on certain kinds of development projects. West's project, which will reportedly see a ground-level roofing structure with a large opening, lies within a "key habitat for the birds" area. 

"It's so broad, it can stop development . . . [This] ought to be concerning to everybody with the impact it has to potential development in Park County and any county in Wyoming," West-repping attorney Colin Simpson said in a statement to Cody Enterprise earlier this week.

Now, per the Enterprise report, West's project requires a density and disturbance analysis to ensure it meets Wyoming Game and Fish compliance.