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Billie Eilish became a bona fide popstar in 2019, but she's not looking to use her influence to work with any big names just yet. In her cover story with Spin magazine, the 18-year-old singer said she's not interested in any collaborations any time soon.

"I don’t like working with other people. I get really in my head and weird," she explained, preferring to stick with her brother Finneas O'Connell as her go-to collaborator. "I don’t like mixing friendships with music for some reason. I don’t even play songs for my friends until they’re fully done. I don’t like people watching me work … and I’m doing pretty well on my own, so I’m OK."

With some hugely famous musicians among her biggest fans, Eilish has indicated that she would prefer to avoid branching out at the moment. She echoed these sentiments in another recent interview with The Guardian. "Collaborating doesn't really interest me," she remarked. "It's a question I get asked all the time and I genuinely don't want to. It's nothing against anyone, I just don't feel the need." 

She did add that she could work with other musicians some day, but "it's not something I'm looking for." BTS, the biggest boyband in the world, have expressed interest in working with Eilish, while Tyler, the Creator has also said he'd be down to make music together. "I would be nothing without you Tyler," she wrote when she found out he was a fan. "Everyone knows it."

Earlier this month, Eilish performed a duet of her song "Ocean Eyes" with Alicia Keys on The Late Late Show.