Residente gets introspective with his latest single, "Pecador."

For this track, Residente takes on the concept of a person confessing their transgressions. He illustrates this by directing a video that has a young girl in a church reciting the lyrics to the song. "For this video, I envisioned to have that little girl inside of all of us expressing themselves freely with no limitations and coming out to narrate what I was feeling when I wrote this song," Residente explained. "The interesting part is that the sounds of the song comes from the brain frequencies of a Muslim man. With Yale University, I experimented to capture the brain frequencies of a Muslim man while praying and turn those waves into music. The results of the session you will hear the music notes and sounds through the Christian chore place on the record."

This is the second single off the rapper's forthcoming sophomore solo album. Residente is working with scientists and Ivy League professors to create the project. "[The album is] going to be about everything that I have inside of my head," Residente told the Associated Press. "Because of that I kept brainstorming and I said, ‘Oh I have to study my brain, and then I have to study other people’s brains, and then I have to study animals’ brains." With the help of Yale instructors, Residente is studying the brain patterns of worms, mice, monkeys, and fruit flies. He even took a dive into the brain waves of Bad Bunny who he tapped for the album's first single, "Bellacoso."