UPDATED 11/7, 10:40 a.m. ET: Mr Jones Miami club is saying it wasn’t to blame in the towing of Gucci Mane’s Ferrari. TMZ reports that “someone on Gucci's security team parked the $600K ride in a lot behind the club—a lot that technically belongs to the CVS next door.” This individual supposedly talked with the pharmacy’s manager to get the OK.

“It seems everything would've been fine, except that manager's shift ended,” the site writes, saying the new manager didn’t have the info and called the tow company.

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If you've ever been forced to deal with the towing of a personal automobile, you need no explanation of just how deeply that shit can peeve and inconvenience you.

During a recent outing at the Mr Jones club in Miami Beach, per TMZ, Gucci Mane walked out to discover his Ferrari had been towed from the parking lot. In un-embeddable footage from the report, Gucci Mane is seen arguing about the location of the parking, which he notes was exactly where he was told to put his vehicle.

"I parked where security told me," he says in the clip, seen here. "I didn't park at CVS!"

Guwop was ultimately forced to pay up $300 to have his car released from a tow lot, though—as seen in the footage—he then had initial difficulties retrieving the vehicle due to his ID being locked inside. Further arguing, understandably, ensued until Gucci was able to be reunited with the Ferrari Superfast.

In Instagram footage from the lot shared by Gucci Mane himself, he directly called out the Miami club for having his car "towed and damaged." Furthermore, he said, the club called the authorities on him.

"Who gon' compensate and fix my damn car?" he asked, with Snoop Dogg and others showing support for Gucci Mane in the comments:

Gucci Mane is currently fresh off the release of his Woptoper II project, the cover art of which sees him re-teaming with Spring Breakers auteur Harmony Korine. Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, London on da Track, and Kevin Gates are among those assembled by Guwop for the 13-track album.