Cash Money Records has always had a roster that allowed them to broker amazing deals. During his return to the Drink Champs podcast, Fabolous recalled a time when Lil Wayne leveraged his superstardom into an incredible payday. 

Around an hour and 15 minutes into the conversation, Fab starts to explain the beginning of his major-label career. This led to a story about a song with Lil Wayne that was supposed to be on his first album but it never saw the light of day.

"They were so hot at the time," Fab said about Cash Money and the Hot Boys movement. "They came to the studio. I think Steve Stoute gave them 100 grand for Lil Wayne [out of my budget]. They were scorching. This Cash Money in like '99. For the 99 and the 2000."

Not only did Wayne get $100,000 for his services, but the then 17-year-old rapper also requested four bottles of Cristal champagne. 

"So the four bottles is there. We in the studio—we thinking that four bottles of Cris means they gonna come in, we gonna vibes, drink some champagne," Fab continued. "Wayne come in, did his verse in 15 minutes, they was out. Took the four bottles with 'em. That's my first time even seeing something like that. I'm like: 'This shit different.'"

Fabolous also spent a good part of the conversation telling the stories behind some of his biggest hits. One of them was his 2007 Ne-Yo collaboration, "You Make Me Better." Fabolous once again recounted how JAY-Z had passed on the Timbaland beat and when the producer told Fabolous he'd already given the beat to Eve as he was ready to release it as a single. Eve agreed to let Fabolous have the record after a quick conversation. 

"She really didn’t know and we went to dinner, and she was like, ‘Y’all can have the record and it’s all good,’" Fabolous said. "Imagine my catalog without ‘Make Me Better’ in it.”

Fabolous also talked about a tense conversation with Kid Cudi. According to Fab, Cudi said he co-produced "You Be Killin Em" with Ryan Leslie. Once the 2010 hit took off, Fabolous claimed he even called about getting credited.

"He like, 'Yo Fab, I did that joint with Ryan Leslie, I ain’t got my credit or my money,’" Fabolous said. "Cudi, bruh... why you on my line with this. ‘I’m supposed to have credit or money or something.’ You gotta relax, Kid Cudi. You blocked and everything right now... I gotta unfollow you and everything. ‘I don’t know why you calling me. That’s not even my call.’ The song is a hit already, what you talking to me for."