Fabolous and Jadakiss put together a popular joint mixtape with 2017's Friday on Elm Street project. This has left fans wondering if there would be a sequel to the tape. While he didn't rule out the possibility of a Freddy vs. Jason reunion, Fabolous told DJ Hed and Bootleg Kev that he wants to step out of his comfort zone. 

Around the interview's eight-minute mark, Fab explains that the formation of Freddy vs. Jason happened because of proximity. Now he wants to "switch the energy up" and team up with another artist. 

"I think the 'Kiss was made because we was two New York juggernauts," Fab said. "I feel like this era with the digital you can do those as vanity projects... I was talking to [Pusha T] about maybe doing one." 

"It could be eight to 10 songs," he continued. "Me and Push probably already have two songs. Me and Dave East probably have about three songs." But, Fab made sure to say later in the interview that he doesn't like to "pre-talk" anything, so Fab fans should stay focused on his Summertime Shootout 3 project.

Fabolous has a long history with Pusha-T as he was featured on the Clipse's debut album Lord Willin'. Fab believes that the pairing of Pusha-T and his brother No Malice was reminiscent of when hip-hop was a group-centric genre. 

"Clipse was one of them groups too," Fab said. "Like they came in the 2000s but it felt like when groups was really strong in the game. Clipse came in on that wave... It was Virginia. It was new energy... They've always been a group that I've fucked with."

Fabolous continued to talk about his collaborations during an interview with Miami's 99 JAMZ. Despite being a respected artist with a lengthy career, there are still a few rappers that Fab wants to work with. One would be the late Nipsey Hussle. He detailed a recording session where the two didn't actually make music but still had a fruitful experience, but Fab would have loved to grab a verse from him.

"I had a studio session with Nipsey Hussle. We didn't record, but we just vibed and we talked," Fab said at the clip's 10:30 minute mark. "It was just good conversation. We played music for each other that we had previously worked on. It was a good vibe. That's one where I wish we would've just [pressed record]." 

"I want to work with Nas," Fab continued. "And I would like to work with Eminem. Because I've always been a fan of his work."

Fabolous is dropping his Summertime Shootout 3 project on Black Friday instead of when it's warm out. When asked why he chose to release the album during the holidays, the rapper says that he approaches his mixtapes as playlists. He feels as though the holidays provide a break from the digital era for people who are looking to consume some music. 

"Even if your tired of your family and need to go into the other room and put some headphones on," Fab said. "It's also a time when everyone is more settled and chill... the holidays is a time where you get to kick back and you might need something to vibe to... It's like a playlist flow and good energy."