Rico Nasty took to Twitter to talk about a dispute turned into a racist exchange.

"Lmao racist people love being like 'DID U THREATEN ME ILL CAWL THE COPZ," Rico tweeted. This prompted one of her fans to ask if she was being attacked.

"I got attacked last night," she replied. "He started with 'you people' that’s when I knew."

Rico said the argument started over a parking spot and that she didn't let the situation get out of hand because she didn't want the man to "google my name and sue me." Although things were able to be resolved without violence, Nasty explained that she did become emotional once she started to think about the innocent lives that were been lost at the hands of racists over similar altercations.

"But what I did do was think about all the people who have gotten killed in situations like that . It made me want to cry . Cause I ain’t even do shit," Rico continues. "Shout out the men that was with me too . For not escalating the situation bro cause .. smh ... niggas really could have spazzed."

Rico Nasty has been keeping busy in a year that includes landing on the XXL Freshman Cover, scoring features, and getting a Forbes nod. Her most recent album—Anger Management with Kenny Beats—dropped last April.