Last year, Camden-born rapper K The Infinite made a stellar debut with his first album, Void, a largely collaborative 11-tracker that still managed to show off his big personality and bold creativity. With follow-up Merkaba just around the corner (October 18), "All Good" arrives as the fifth single to emerge from the project and it's a little different from the laid-back, jazzy cool of the preceding four, instead weaving in club electronics and an impatient energy to match the intensity of the subject matter.

I read somewhere that reminiscing is the first sign of depression, the North London rhymer says in the opening seconds of his new single "All Good". As the poetically-delivered bars unfold, however, we learn why he might want to go back to an earlier time, before the fateful night in question. Painting bold pictures with his bars on the verses, before slipping into something more soulful for the hook, there are certain points that will call to mind the more soulful end of Murkage Dave and The Streets, but K is most definitely his own man. 

Speaking with Complex via email, K explained his thoughts behind the album: "Merkaba is a journey reminiscent of good times with songs like 'All Good' and 'Wisdom Of My Youth' painting the narrative. It tackles the death of my father in 'Proud' and conquers fear with 'Such Is Lyfe'. The project represents healing; transforming through pain and finding the beauty in life."

K The Infinite's Merkaba drops this Friday, October 18.