In just three short years, Australian R&B duo ALTA have built up an impressive buzz for their heady blend of R&B, house music and UK garage. Comparisons have already been drawn to R&B progressives like Abra and Kelela, but thanks to the unique influence of their home country and the mesmerising vocals of singer Hannah Lesser, ALTA are entirely their own beast. Previous singles like "Figured Out" and "Now You Want Me" easily racked up over a million views and their silky new offering, "Push" (taken from their upcoming Reasons album, due November 22) has all the ingredients needed to repeat (or even surpass) that success. Lesser's hypnotising, ghostly vocals are balanced perfectly against the driving 4x4 rhythm that guides the track forward and her highly relatable lyrics make "Push" all the more personal.

Speaking with Complex via email, ALTA told us: "'Push' is a song about signals. You put yourself out there and create a space for someone to have them do the old 180 and run you down. When you don't run go crawling back to them they get shook and they end up on their knees. Changing your mind is fine, the past doesn't have to be repetitive. Not everything is foreseeable."

Watch the video courtesy of Folks Upstairs, aka Jesse Vogelaar and Ryan Gasparini, at the top to see the duo cut loose at a party in the small hours of the morning.