Griselda's very own Conway gets murderous over some villainous Alchemist production just in time for the Halloween season. The visuals, directed by Denzel Williams, adds to the drama the song brings as La Máquina boasts about why he's the best in an abandoned building where the bodies of the rappers he's killed lay.  "This is one of my favorite songs off the album," Conway told me via email. "It was dope to shoot this on the Eastside of Buffalo. I’m always excited to work with The Alchemist and also Denzel Williams directing."

It's finna be a cold winter as Griselda looks to continue their stranglehold on the streets with a slew of releases on the way. Their group project, What Would Chine Do?, should drop at the end of this month, Conway's solo debut should come soon after, and Benny the Butcher has teased Tana Talk 4 on Twitter recently.  There's no letting up from Buffalo's favorites.