During a recent concert, Machine Gun Kelly appeared to shove a stagehand in a heated moment of frustration. It's not clear what prompted the outburst, but in the video shared by TMZ he seemed to be annoyed by his guitar not working during a song.

Confronting the stagehand, who looked to be trying to stay out of MGK's way, the rapper and actor continued to lurk behind him even as the lights came down and the song finished.

Shortly after the show came to an end, Machine Gun Kelly apologized for how he acted onstage.

"Tonight the frustration from my personal life came out on the stage," MGK tweeted. "Sorry to my fans and my band. I'll get help after tour is over.

"Anyways, tour is nowhere near over," he added in a second tweet, "so let's go up till the calender hits 2020."

Earlier this month, two members of MGK's crew were arrested for an alleged attack on actor Gabriel "G-Rod" Rodriguez that took place last year. The pair had gotten heated with one another before, with Rodriguez confronting Kelly over an inappropriate comment about Eminem's then-16-year-old daughter in 2018.

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