Later on, Kanye mentioned how he had toyed with the idea of having those working on music with him engage in fasting. But he also put down one rule during the production of Jesus Is King, one that might sound controversial to those familiar with his older music. Kanye revealed that he asked people working on Jesus Is King with him to not have premartial sex while working on the project. 

"I was asking people to... this is gonna be radical what I’m about to say," he started. "There were times where I was asking people to not have premarital sex while they were working. [...] I know that’s one where The Shade Room gonna be like, 'what you meaaaan don’t have premarital sex? you better turn that Meg The Stallion on right now.' But seriously there’s times where I went to people that were working on other projects and said 'could you just work and focus on this?'" 

He continued, "I thought if we could all focus and fast, I mean it’s known when people pray together families that pray together stay together. When people pray together, and fast together, the power is increased."