Jessica Jade has been crafting R&B tunes and building her audience for so long, it's hard to believe the Sydney singer is only 20 years old. In the six years after appearing on reality TV series X Factor, Jessica has developed a global fan base, appeared on YouTube's TheShareSpace alongside 7 other emerging Australian artists, and regularly dropped tunes via social and streaming platforms.

Her latest track "Taste" is another step forward for the next-gen R&B star. "Taste" is an empowerment anthem, with Jessica's lyrics focusing on overcoming obstacles and working toward her goals. "No matter what level you’re at in any industry, there’s always jealously," she explains. “Taste” is about facing all the bad energy with confidence, hard work and overcoming it with success.”

Taste is produced by Sergio Selim, a multi-instrumentalist who recently added a touch of talkbox to Powers Pleasant's G Perico and Buddy-assisted "Can't Fucc With It". His bouncy bassline and synth flourishes are the perfect accompaniment to Jessica Jade's confident vocals.

Stream "Taste" above now, and look for it on streaming platforms from 3PM (AEST) today.

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