Gucci Mane has got a score to settle with The Breakfast Club's Angela Yee. The Atlanta rapper said he received a ban from the radio show in 2016 following an infamous interview, during which he claimed she "was on my dick back in the day." Both of them denied that they had ever hooked up, but Gucci insisted that she texted him to ask what hotel he was staying at in New York City.

Yee denied the claims, leading to a moment that has been turned into the perfect reaction GIF. Following the release of his new Megan Thee Stallion-assisted single "Big Booty," Guwop has revisited the interview on his Instagram.

"So you mean to tell me the Breakfast Club BANNED me 4 this?" he said alongside a video of the awkward moment on Instagram. The clip later goes back to an interview between Yee and Gucci in 2010, showing the two flirting. "Can you take it?" Gucci said in the older interview. "I'm sure," Yee replied. "You know what they say about little girls, especially Asian ones."

Yee replied to the video in the comments. "Back on those drugs I see," she wrote. Meanwhile, on Twitter, Gucci responded to a poll that asked who was lying in the situation. "Punk ass whores," he tweeted.

On The Breakfast Club on Friday, Yee wanted to set the record straight and said that someone from the rapper's team had called her to privately apologize for the infamous interview. "You said something publicly that wasn't true, you should publicly apologize," Yee told the representative. "As far as the ban, I said he's welcome to come on the show," she added, mentioning that she might not be present at the time due to other arrangements.

"I also don't trust him," she said, as far as him saying something else that might be embarrassing and untrue. "Gucci Mane is not banned," her co-host DJ Envy confirmed. Gucci had claimed their flirty moment was on Yee's podcast Lip Service, but she made sure to debunk that and said it was on The Morning After

Responding to the bold claim that Yee had texted him to ask what hotel he was at, Yee said, "Of course not." She continued, "He has a history of lying."

Yee believes that Guwop is upset over a Yo Gotti interview in which he claimed he slept with Keyshia Ka'Oir, whom Gucci married in 2017. "You married, why is you even worried about stuff like this," she said.

Listen to the full discussion on The Breakfast Club above.

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