Atlanta's own 1$T took his first trip to Japan earlier this year and the vibe was so overwhelming it inspired him to create a whole project there. Complex premiered the initial offering, "Tokyo Freestyle," last month, but that was just a warm-up—after all, it was recorded on his first night there. Today he's back with another visual and it represents how deeply 1$T fell into the culture and reflected it back in his art.

"There's a time in everybody's life when you have to think about yourself," 1$T says of "Pass It to Myself" via email.  "Sometimes you just gotta smoke it all or be a ball hog. Everybody gotta turn into Jordan at some point." In the moody, airy track, 1$T rap-croons about not fucking with or needing anyone else's help to score. "This was my wake up call," he explains. "There's only so much helping you can do. Cant save everyone—gotta save yourself."

The visual, once again directed by Evijan John, finds 1$T on a Tokyo night for dolo, strolling the streets and dining for one mobster style. "It was maybe our third night out in Tokyo and I was feeling the way [I rap in the song]—sometimes you gotta just pass it to yourself. We went out for a night and it turned into a video shoot. Karaoke and good Japanese food. Shout out to my girls from Banana Lemon in the video."

Don't look for 1$t to stop here: every track on the eight-song Tokyo project is getting a visual—"Pass It to Myself" also joins the standouts "IROC" and "Big 1$T Freestyle." And there's a separate Good Gas Tokyo project featuring all Japanese artists on the way. Watch the visual above and get familiar; 1$T isn't going anywhere but up.