It's about to be a hot fall as far as FKI 1$T is concerned. The Atlanta producer-rapper still puts on for his city, but his upcoming project is drawing heavy inspiration from a recent trip abroad. 1$T hit Japan and was so taken with the "fashion, food and nightlife" that he found himself recording new music in his hotel room almost immediately. "I just went to Tokyo for the first time and as soon as I touched down it was nonstop," 1$T tells Complex. "The energy in the city was a whole new experience." "Tokyo Freestyle"—"I'm in Shibuya/what's it too ya?"—is the first offering from became an eight-song project that 1$T hopes will serve as a bridge between the A and Tokyo. "I want to take all my homies from ATL and around the world on a journey to Tokyo through my eyes," he explains. 

The productivity didn't stop there: 1$T also has a Good Gas Tokyo project on deck, set to feature some of Japan's most prominent rappers. Look for 1$T to drop seven more videos across September and October and watch the Evijan John-directed freestyle vide above, which is comprised of montage scenes from 1$T's first day in Tokyo on the same day that he recorded the song.