Earlier this week, it was reported a second man had been arrested in connection with Mac Miller's death. Lake Havasu City, Arizona resident Ryan Reavis was arrested on Tuesday as part of the ongoing investigation into the late rapper's untimely death. The first arrest came earlier this month with Cameron James Pettit, but now TMZ reports that a third individual, Stephen "Stevie" Walter, has also been arrested.

Miller died on Sept. 7, 2018, and it is believed that the drugs Pettit provided him with contributed to his death. After Miller contacted him to get a hold of Percocet pills on Sept. 4, Pettit got ahold of Walter to provide him with the drugs. Reavis, the second man who was arrested in the investigation, was allegedly the runner. 

When police investigated the scene of Mac Miller's death at his home, a magazine in his bedroom was found with blue-colored powder and a rolled piece of paper. Authorities believe that he crushed and snorted one or more of the ten pills he bought off of Pettit, although they were ultimately only able to recover six in total. 

Walter has been picked up on a charge of conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. He already has one drug-related charge and is currently on supervised release for his prior 10-year federal drug trafficking sentence. Shortly before his arrest, Pettit texted a close friend to say that he was "worried" about being held responsible for Miller's death, although he bought more of the drugs believed to have played a roll in Miller's death less than a month later.