Shoulder pads, Tom Selleck mustaches, ill-fitting suits, chunky mobile phones and grainy video effects — the Jack Barraclough-directed video for "Monogamy" by Italian producer Mind Enterprises has it all. And that's before you even get to the song itself which is just as devoted to the 1980s with a clubby, synth-pop melody backing Andrea Tirone's robotic, new wave vocals. "Monogamy" drops Sept. 13 via Because Music, following recent singles "S.H.A.K.E", "Gemini" and "Ballare", and builds on his blueprint of '80s pop infused with Italo disco and electro.

Speaking with Complex via email, Mind Enterprises explained: "I am a big fan of the Chemise song 'She Can't Love You' and took inspiration from that idea of someone being unable to be monogamous. I made this bass-driven dancefloor tune, and in collaboration with Jack Barraclough we made the video reflecting the idea of a femme fatale, for whom one man will never be enough!"

Barraclough added: "This is the fourth music video I've made with Andrea, alongside other content including dance tutorials and horoscope videos, all with recurring characters. This comes together into what should now be called the Mind Enterprises Expanded Universe. With 'Monogamy' we have bottled the Mind Enterprises aesthetic in purest form. This is partly thanks to the format — I shot the video on a Sony Trinicon 3000, a betamax camera from 1982."