To the uninitiated, the stage name of Los Angeles rapper Handsome Luke might appear to be another flossy rap moniker. The truth is though, the name comes from Ryan Gosling’s character in the 2012 film The Place Beyond The Pines. 

In the film, Gosling’s Handsome Luke – a stunt-riding daredevil who sticks up banks to feed his family – meets a tragic demise at the hands of a police officer (yea, look, spoilers ain't spoilers when you’ve had 7 goddamn years to watch the movie). In Handsome Luke’s “Blood Moon”, we’re treated to an alternate reality where Luke is still alive, still robbing banks, and still in the company of a beautiful accomplice.

In the cinematic video, we catch the consequences of a botched bank robbery on both a relationship and also innocent bystanders, as Handsome Luke's moody and melodic vocals play out over atmospheric production from Vybe, Tito Just Music and KJ Drapeau.

Catch the "Blood Moon" video above, or stream the audio on Spotify.