With 6ix9ine set to testify about Nine Trey gang activities next week, a new report claims that federal authorities have no plans to ramp up security.

According to TMZ, authorities "believe [6ix9ine] is already safe and secure" in the facility he's been held for nearly a year now. Per the report, he's currently housed in a unit within the facility alongside other inmates in similarly precarious situations.

Straight from the TMZ report, this is the set-up:

"The joint houses other snitches, all of whom have the same problem ... certain people want to kill many of them and are willing to pay a hefty price to get the job done."

No other inmates are allowed in this part of the facility, which boasts a commons area for meals that’s described as "strictly a catering-in unit" with food cars in and out on a daily schedule. Additionally, the commons area has exercise equipment and a television for inmates to use. 

The new report notes the potentially "devastating" nature of 6ix9ine's impending testimony, which is expected to see 6ix9ine answering questions about aliases used in texts between Nine Trey members.

Documents released Monday showed that 6ix9ine is likely to also discuss his role within the gang. 

"The Government expects CW-2 [6ix9ine] to testify that one of his roles in Nine Trey was to make money for the gang and distribute that money among Nine Trey members," U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman said in a letter of the government's plans for 6ix9ine, who was recently reported to have admitted to years of domestic violence as part of a cooperation agreement.

Next week, 6ix9ine—per Friday's update—will be transported to Thurgood Marshall Courthouse under heavy security.

In a separate report from The Blast Thursday, it was revealed that 6ix9ine has been sued by documentary filmmaker Alan Bradley (Al Profit) for allegedly using an unauthorized sample from his Streets of New York film in the song "69."