DaBaby is scrapping again, this time with a fan who tried to snatch his chain while he's performing. 

The Charlotte rapper isn't unfamiliar with fisticuffs, and while other altercations have left who actually threw a punch in his crew open to interpretation, this latest dustup is as clear as day. DaBaby was performing at the Prime Festival in Lansing, Michigan on Friday night and the crowd appeared to be into his set. Video shows a fan reaching up to him, seemingly to snatch his jewelry off his neck. When he contacts DaBaby's piece, the performer throws a punch and then retreats to the stage to avoid any copycats. 

This latest fight, however brief, comes after DaBaby famously posted before and after shots of another Carolina rapper who got a little too friendly while he was out shopping. The rapper was recently sentenced to probation for another spat outside a Walmart that turned deadly. 

Outside of the occasional fight, DaBaby has been on an absolute tear. He's outshining big-name artists left and right in a prolific run of features that shows no signs of slowing down. When he's in the driver's seat, he cranks out some of the most consistently entertaining music videos around. He's also gearing up to drop his second studio album before his first effort even reaches its first birthday. You can't bring DaBaby down, even if you have him by his chain.