50 Cent recently came under fire from Michael Jackson fans when he claimed that Chris Brown was better than the King of Pop. In an attempt to defend himself, 50 used a now-deleted Instagram post to make a joke about MJ's sexual assault allegations, which received a response from Jackson's daughter, Paris.

"All I said was I think CB is better than MJ now. after I saw the documentary, The little boys butts will never be the same," 50 Cent wrote at the time. In an interview with the Breakfast Club, 50 Cent explained why he made the comment. ​​​​​

"I said that because people attacked me for my comment [about Chris Brown]," 50 Cent said around the 12-minute mark in the video above. "Look at my page. There are specific... extreme Michael Jackson lovers. And I'm saying, 'You love Michael Jackson so much that you would look past the little boys' butts.' It wouldn't even matter that they touched the little boys' butts because you would be supportive of him regardless. And he has a body of work that's that magnetic that some people would just not see the... if you put the facts right in front of them, they would be like, 'No.'"

While 50 Cent might have shared too much of his opinion about Breezy and MJ, there is one person he won't be engaging with in the future. 50 Cent claimed he hasn't talked to his "son" 6ix9ine since he's been incarcerated. When asked if he would answer when the rapper calls, 50 quickly responded with, "No."

"He's his mother's child now," 50 Cent said at the video's 25-minute mark. "After you do shit like that, you're your mother's child. Don't call me."