In arguably the most hilarious news bit of the week, there's a whole article out now in which the main takeaway is that ASAP Rocky's wise decision to not mention the White House or its purported occupants in his post-Sweden thank you messages reportedly has said occupants feeling bummed.

Yahoo ran the piece, which includes comments from Trump-supporting Ohio pastor Darrell Scott and fellow Trump supporter Kareem Lanier, as well as some insight on the expected inspiration behind the White House attempting to get involved. Per the report, the pushes—assisted by an industry fixer—were made as part of an effort to boost Trump's image among black voters.

Once Rocky's manager John Ehmann allegedly had discussions with Lanier and Scott, both claim to have made it clear that any possible assistance on this issue came with the requirement of publicly thanking the White House were Rocky to be released. Scott claimed that Ehmann told them such a gesture wouldn't be a problem, even "if a serial killer gets Rocky out of jail."

Kushner, Kardashian, and West also got involved with discussions. At one point, an email to Swedish prosecutor Fredrik Karlsson from Scott is highlighted, with word that the email in question was never replied to by the official. An attorney who was working for Rocky at the time, Damien Granderson, is also said to have received a profanity-laden tirade from Lanier as tensions behind the scenes started to grow.

When Rocky's trial wrapped and he was released earlier this month, Lanier and Scott expected to receive a thank you, even reaching out "within hours" of his release to initiate a discussion.

"We don't get a call," Scott told Yahoo. "We don't get a call at all." Ehmann later said via a phone discussion that Rocky was simply busy with travel-related matters and needed to rest. Mentions of the White House and related Trumpists, noticeably, were completely and hilariously absent from Rocky's eventual post-release social media messages. 

Anyway, Rocky recently appeared on ASAP Ferg's Floor Seats EP cut "Pups." Enjoy that here.