Boldness and speed won't get you into Lollapalooza

On Friday, NYC-based photographer Jeremy Cohen witnessed a mob of young people jumping a fence into the music festival at Chicago's Grant Park. And he captured it all on camera.

"Just saw over a hundred kids hop the fence in a matter of seconds," Cohen captioned the now-deleted 21-second clip.

As you can see below, the crowd rushes toward the chain link fence and begins to scale it before it eventually topples. More and more people sprint onto the festival grounds before law enforcement intervenes. You can see one uniformed officer attempting to put the fence back up, while another managed to apprehend a guy with a prosthetic leg.

Cohen later tweeted that he didn't see the guy with the prosthetic leg get arrested.

The Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications said officers responded to the situation and resolved it immediately with the help of festival security. OEMC also confirmed no injuries were reported and the fence is now secure.

"[...] No one was able to gain entry to the festival. We work closely with the organizers and event security to ensure the highest standards for perimeter security are in place at the festival," OEMC said in a statement to Complex. "As part of our robust security plan, we have multiple layers of fences in place to prevent authorized entry into the festival [...] We have adjusted our resources to reinforce the security along the outer perimeter, and CPD and the event security have also added additional bike teams."