Tory Lanez takes fans through the ups and downs of friendship in the video for his latest single, "Forever."

Lanez plays with biblical stories of betrayal by keeping the scenes focused on him and his associates convening at different tables. At first, Lanez and his friends are in a dimly lit warehouse playing spades and enjoying the spoils of their new-found wealth. The visual then transitions to a different station of their lives, one where Lanez and the team have built an empire and are sharing an extravagant meal—which proves to be Tory's last.

During the dinner, an argument breaks out between two friends. Although he's able the defuse the situation, Lanez's friend who started the verbal altercation was actually trying to do him a favor. While they were amassing their street wealth, federal agents were watching their every move, waiting to strike at the perfect moment. After dinner, Lanez and the squad see their properties raided and are arrested by cops. At this point it's revealed that one of Tory's inner circle was a police informant. 

This speaks to the idea that one person might never really know another's true intentions. Although Lanez had been loyal to his friend like the lyrics of "Forever" suggest, he was really playing into a trap. That sense of betrayal and heartbreak are the risk one takes when they put it all on the line for someone they consider a friend.