Pusha-T returned this week with two new songs, "Sociopath" and "Coming Home." The former of which featured production from Kanye West, as well as a short cameo from him in the form of an abrupt skit focused around charcuteries. 

"Yo, what, what is charcuteries?" Kanye asked Push in the middle of the song. "Man, it's, it's when you go to your hotel room and they got the cheese and the fucking pepperoni sliced on a little wood board, waiting on you," he explained in response. The moment was immediately named a highlight by fans, and during an interview with Rolling Stone, King Push divulged on how that question made it into the song.

"We basically record everything when we’re in the studio," Pusha explained. "That was one of those amazing quirky Kanye West moments. I’ve spoken to the fact that a lot of times when I’m rapping, and when I’m rapping on his production I’ll say things that he won’t necessarily know the angle from which I’m coming from or understand what I’m talking about. And this one particular time he just asked. He’s just like, 'Hey man, what’s charcuteries?' We happened to catch it on tape. He was like 'Oh man, you know what? That has to go in the song. They have to know what happens in the studio.'"

During the interview, Push also revealed how he managed to get the Lauryn Hill on "Coming Home," which was also produced by Ye alongside Charlie Heat and Mike Dean. "It was actually just a request. We don’t have any people in common, really," he said. "Just her doing it, we never got to even attach it to a project, because it was always just a work in progress. She was like 'Oh, you know what, I’m going on tour for such and such, or I’m going overseas and I’ll probably get back to it.' Then she’d get back to it and it’d be like a surprise call, a surprise email, a surprise text of an mp3. She took charge and took over executing the track."

For the full interview, you can read it here.