Nicki Minaj fans are coming together in that emoji-dropping, not-actually-buying-albums way that they do to fill up comments sections with markers of their presence. The latest target of their Barb brigading is none other than Minaj's "My Chick Bad" co-conspirator, Ludacris

Nicki Minaj made some disparaging comments about other women who rap. Shawnna felt that it was unnecessary and unwarranted, offering to settle things with Minaj on wax. In a recent interview, she declined to call out Nicki Minaj by name. However, she made it very clear that she was talking about Minaj and said that she wanted to take any problems Minaj might have "to the booth." The Shade Room excerpted this call-out in a post compiling all the recent drama.

This earned plenty of cries of  "Who?" from the Minaj faction before Luda made the mistake of showing support in an Instagram comment. Seemingly backing Shawnna's skills, he asked who in the rap world wanted smoke. Sensing their opportunity to gang up on a bigger target, the Barbz swarmed to Luda's Instagram to drop clown and unicorn emojis. 

"Make sure y'all stream 'My Chick Bad' and fast forward to the best part," wrote one fan.

The funniest bit of all this is that Shawnna and Luda were both firmly in Nicki's camp at one point. Shawnna even defended Minaj during her first dust-up with Lil Kim way back in 2011. 

"[Kim] came, she brought that feminism, that diva to it but it was still hardcore. She had a following, she could hold her weight on records with some of the big dogs and she did that. She took us to that level," Shawnna said in an interview with DJ Vlad. "And now that Nicki's out—a lot of times it be a lot of people trying to get on, it's not necessarily a beef—so I don't really think it's a situation where Nicki stole anything from Kim because honestly, after I'm done with this, I want females to take from me. Take from what I did and add it to what they do and make it better because that shows what I contributed to the game was so worth it."