Lil Uzi Vert usually keeps to himself on Twitter, but on Thursday he opened up to his fans about his absence. His grandmother has been in the hospital for months, he explained, but now he's confident she's doing better. He wanted to make it clear why he's been so quiet.

"I love you grandma you got this," he tweeted before explaining further. "I'm scared excited happy and sad but mostly thankful," he continued. "So today my grandma is coming home she was in the hospital and rehab for months she cannot walk. She cannot talk all the way but I feel her gettin better by the second. My grandma been in the hospital for MONTHS man she had a tumor over her eye the Doctors removed half of it when she finally woke she had a stroke on her entire left side and cannot move it."

He added that his grandmother raised him, and that he loves her "more than clothes." 

Fans have been relentless in their pursuit of Eternal Atake, which still doesn't have a release date. But Uzi wanted to make sure his fans knew what he's been going through. "I know you beautiful ladies and successful gentlemen prolly saying, 'He should of been told us,' but I never been threw this I needed privacy I needed family comfort because I just didn't understand," he explained. "I been flexing so hard and buying the world because deep down I'm hurt."

Hopefully Lil Uzi Vert doesn't cave into fan pressure, as he deserves to take all the time he needs.