ASAP Rocky has dropped the video for his new song "Babushka Boi."

This is Rocky's first song and video since his Swedish assault case and co-stars the rapper's close friends, ASAP Ferg, Schoolboy Q, ASAP Nast, and Kamil Abbas. Rocky gave fans their first taste of the track during his Injured Generation Tour. The single pays homage to Rocky's unique style and the way he ties his bandana under his chin like a babushka.

In the visual, directed by Nadia Lee Cohen, Rocky channels the energy created during the underbelly of prohibition. At this time, places like Chicago and Rocky's native Harlem were giving birth to the dark—but still vibrant—world of organized crime. Rocky plays with this idea by creating a satirical period piece in which he and his gang rob a bank. Keeping with the setting of the video, Rocky, Ferg, Schoolboy, Nast, and Abbas use tommy guns to storm the bank. After getting the cash from the teller, they take the police on a high-speed chase in a 1920s-era car. Eventually, Rocky's gang gets into a standoff with the police.

Because nothing Rocky does is of the norm, the rapper added to the story by distorting the characters of his video. Rocky exaggerated features of his gang through heavy make-up. For himself, he chose to put an emphasis on the scar he has on his face. He does this by using an excessive amount of gauze and bandages to cover it up. As for the police, the rapper furthers a colloquialism by turning them into overgrown pigs. 

Watch ASAP Rocky's "Babushka Boi" video above.