Pro Era's Aaron Rose has been making a name for himself so far this year, and with his new Powers Pleasant-produced song he's proving once again why that is. Joined by Joey Badass and Chuck Strangers on his new song "FTW," the 24-year-old rapper is giving fans another preview of his new album Rozart.

"We made this song on an off-day in Amsterdam," Rose explained to Complex. "Making this record made the experience everything and then some. The lyrics symbolize that feeling of reaching your goals that you’ve set for yourself to succeed. Hitting your target and then some. In a braggadocios way, we’re letting the world know how it feels to win in our shoes. Actually getting the chance to enjoy the fruits of our hard labor and always progressing to reach higher tiers in the process."

Rose was one of the founding members of Pro Era, joining the rest of his crew as they rose to prominence. He initially recorded under the name A La Sole, but now he's pushing himself to the front of the pack under his own name. 

Expect to hear more from Rose when Rozart arrives later this year.