6ix9ine is currently behind bars on federal racketeering charges, but he's expected to testify next month in the kidnapping assault case he was a victim of in 2018.

The controversial rapper was allegedly pistol whipped, kidnapped, and robbed in Aug. 2018, leaving him hospitalized. While the lawyer for his alleged kidnapper recently claimed that 6ix9ine faked the incident, TMZ reports that he's fearing for his family ahead of a testimony he's expected to make in court next month.

Anthony Ellison, who was formerly a part of 6ix9ine's management team, has been accused of kidnapping and assaulting the rapper. As the trial continues while 6ix9ine is incarcerated, he's reportedly scared that the Nine Trey Bloods, who police believe Ellison is associated with, or another gang could retaliate against his family.

He's reportedly set to accuse Ellison of the kidnapping and assault, but he's also worried that could result in his mother or brother being targeted. As a result, he's also reportedly scared for his own life behind bars, under the impression he'd be a mark by associates of Ellison for the rest of his life. The rapper paid a lot of money to keep his mother safe with extra security back in February, as TMZ reported.

Unless Ellison settles for a plea deal, 6ix9ine is required to cooperate with the feds, which he has already received a lot of criticism from the hip-hop community for doing so.