It seems the investigation into ASAP Rocky's alleged street brawl is ramping up.

According to Fox News, Swedish law enforcement raided the hotel room of Rocky's longtime manager, John Ehmann, on Friday. Sources say the raid took place at around 8 a.m., immediately after Ehmann was served a search warrant. The officers allegedly confiscated the manager's cellphone and demanded the passcode so they could review its contents. It's worth noting, however, that Ehmann was not anywhere near the aforementioned altercation, which occurred on June 30 in Stockholm. 

"[Ehmann] was completely taken aback," a source told Fox News about the raid. "[He] had no idea what this was about [...] He never saw it coming."

Members of Rocky's camp suggested Ehmann the raid was conducted in retaliation of the online petition calling for the rapper's freedom. Rocky and his associates were detained by Swedish police about 10 days ago, after they were filmed fighting a couple of men in a Stockholm street. The Harlem artist claims he and is team were not at fault, as the two other men were the instigators. Rocky will remain behind bars until at least July 19, when officials must decide to either file a prosecution or request a longer detention to complete the investigation. 

On the day of the reported raid, the Swedish Prosecution Authority announced they were also investigating the two alleged victims for suspected assault and molestation. Officials clarified that the molestation charge does not refer to a sexual crime; it's an act in which a perpetrator "physically attacks someone or exposes someone to disruptive contacts or exposes someone to other ruthless actions."