Australia's Vancouver Sleep Clinic, aka Brisbane producer Tim Bettison, had a tumultuous start to his career, finding himself stuck in release purgatory after only his first EP. Now that period is behind him he's found a new lease of energy which has seen him release an album, two EPs and a whole load of singles since his return in 2017. 

The latest news to emerge is that his second album, Onwards To Zion, would be dropping in October and with the announcement came the project's first single, "Bad Dream". The shimmering piece of ambient R&B, recorded with a live band, comes with a video directed by Max Galassi (who will be returning to direct the rest of the album's singles), featuring chilling and claustrophobic shots of Bettison in a sleep clinic, interspersed with sweeping, cinematic views of Bettison in the desert while he explores the depth of his subconscious.